Is it time?

To communicate effectively, it’s not just what you say and how you say it; it’s also about when you say it. We’re familiar with the adage: “Timing is everything.”

Yesterday, after Joe Biden was declared the winner of the presidential election, Alexandria Ocasia-Ortez gave an interview to the New York Times. She took on the democratic party and warned the president-elect progressives were closely watching him.

Her interview was published today and is receiving some attention.

One could argue AOC might have chosen to get in line with her party on its victory weekend and align her message with theirs. There will be plenty of opportunities for her to push and poke in the weeks to come. AOC’s ability to take on the establishment and the status quo can improve the democratic party and our system of government. Why risk limiting her effectiveness by putting fellow party leaders on the defensive or weakening the party by forcing them to defend themselves from inside while taking on attacks from the outside?

However, there’s another adage: “Strike while the iron is hot.” And there’s no hotter time in party politics right now. While AOC’s comments may seem poorly timed, maybe they’re about time?



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